Spanish learning community

Fun and international people learning together

A community is a group of people who share something, let it be a need, objective, passion… In this case, this is a community of people who are learning Spanish. 

What it is

  • It’s a place to practise Spanish
  • It’s a place to exchange resources and tips
  • It’s a place to share the learning experience

What it is not

  • It’s not a language course
  • It’s not a place to find lessons

How does it work

This is a community for people who are learning Spanish (by themselves or taking a course). I share my experience as a Spanish teacher and language student, and all members are encouraged to share their experiences too. A learning community benefits from the contributions of everybody. 

Even if everyone is on a different stage, there are many things that can be exchanged which can benefit each other: where to find resources, learning tips, the learning experience. 

Never feel alone again in your learning, share your experience, get motivated, and learn better and faster. 

  • Level: all levels welcomed, from beginner to advanced
  • Platform: facebook group
  • Cost: free
  • Optional group conversations for an affordable price



The power of a group. The best of a community is, of course, its members!


I share learning tips based on my experience as a Spanish teacher and language learner.


We share the best resources for learning Spanish.


Group conversation: affordable group conversation sessions to practice your speaking


What do I need to enter the community?

You only need a facebook account (it’s free). 

What level of Spanish do I need to join?

All levels are welcomed, from beginners to advance. If you haven’t started learning Spanish yet but you’re motivated to learn, this is a good place to start.

I’m not interested in group conversation sessions, can I join?

Of course! The group conversation sessions are completely optional. 

I organize them because I know that practising speaking is the most difficult part while learning a language on your own, but if you have the opportunity to practise else where you don’t have to join them.

Do I have to actively participate?

I encourage you to participate as much as you can. A learning community benefits from the contributions of the members, if nobody interacts, the community doesn’t grow. 

Having an active community benefits everyone since we can all learn from the experience of the others. 

I want to learn Spanish in a more guided way. Can you help me?

Yes. In addition to his community I do 1-to-1 and group online lessons. These are live sessions by Skype, Zoom or Google HangOuts. You can read more about them here

Ready to start learning?