Fluent Spanish Speaking

Do you want to speak Spanish more spontaneously?

  • You’re learning Spanish but as much as you progress in other skills, you still feel like you cannot talk naturally yet.
  • When you make a mistake you hesitate and struggle to continue the conversation.
  • You want to gain confidence and speak more fluently.
  • You’re ready to work with a teacher because you know that speaking is one aspect of language learning that you cannot learn by yourself.

Then you’re in the right place.

Trade you hesitation in for  fluency and confidence with four weeks of Fluent Spanish Speaking on Flipgrid.  Flipgrid is a platform where you can post video responses to prompts and receive private feedback

a 4-week program to communicate more in Spanish while gaining confidence and increasing fluency

No more boring and repetitive assignments that leave your mind exhausted and not any closer to your dream of communicating with native speakers.

You know there are other ways you can become more confident in Spanish and Fluent Spanish Speaking is the answer!

With Fluent Spanish Speaking you’ll start speaking and actively using the language from day one and you’ll find these activities will make you want to meet natives so you can speak comfortably in Spanish with them!

Are you ready to have fun speaking confidently?

Laia’s classes are fun, especially the games. She always comes up with creative ways to keep me engaged and interested in her lessons. I mainly took on conversation classes with her as that one aspect of language learning that you can’t learn by yourself. I highly recommend Laia to both beginners and advanced students.


My favorite part of using Flipgrid is that when doing exercises I could take the time I wanted to work at my own pace and digest what I was learning instead of trying to respond as quickly as possible. Also the flexibility and the fact I could do little bits at times that worked best, instead of booking time ahead.


What you’re going to get

  • 4 enjoyable Flipgrid assignments consisting of 2 speaking prompts each, based on games, videos, images and topics to talk about, role plays and more, so you have fun speaking Spanish and increasing your fluency all month long
  • support from a native teacher through private feedback on your recordings, so you keep improving and stay motivated
  • 4 additional speaking prompts to increase your spontaneity
  • possibility to re-record after receiving the feedback, so you immediately use what you have learnt

4 weeks program


4 weeks to improve your speaking skills while having fun.

Trial week


A week to discover if this program is for you.

Flipgrid is a good method to practice Spanish without feeling overwhelmed by a long class. You can take breaks when you want.


Flipgrid activities are interesting and have me practicing in different ways. I also improve writing more, as I plan before I speak.


Fluent Spanish Speaking is for you if…
  • You want a flexible and fun way to learn Spanish
  • You are a beginner to intermediate Spanish learner
  • You are an independent learner looking for expert tips from a native teacher to keep progressing
  • You are motivated and ready to speak Spanish more spontaneously
  • You are creative and love playing games
It might not be for you if…
  • You don’t have 60 minutes a week to dedicate to Spanish
  • You are an advanced Spanish learner. This program is designed for beginners to intermediate learners
  • You are an absolute beginner. To get the most out of this program it’s best to know some basic vocabulary and to be able to use verbs at least in the present tense.

the fun and flexible way to increase your Spanish fluency

Hi! I’m Laia. I’m an online Spanish teacher who builds your confidence with games, interactive activities, and clear explanations. Easy and fun is the best way to learn! Although I am from Barcelona, Spain, you won’t always find me there because I love traveling.

I speak English and French fluently and I have learnt the basics of Swedish, Malay and Russian. So I know first-hand the rewards of progressing from beginners to fluent with a new language.


Join Fluent Speaking Spanish today and start speaking with more confidence so that you can have spontaneous conversations in Spanish on a range of topics and situations.