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Would you like to practice conversation? Improve your grammar? Learn more vocabulary? The lessons are customized to yours goals and needs

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Improve your pronunciation and practice conversation with a certified native teacher from Spain

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Fun and international people learning together. Never feel alone and lost in your learning, meet like minded people to share and learn together. 

Tips and resources

Tips and resources to learn Spanish by yourself. Benefit from my experience as a teacher, and from the experience of the other members as students.

Group conversations

When you learn a language by yourself, the most difficult part is to practice speaking. Join the group conversations to practice speaking Spanish and have fun together. 

I am so delighted to have received lessons from Laia.  I did not know any Spanish before starting lessons with her and now I feel like I have the right foundation!  Laia is kind, flexible, and attentive.  She has learned additional languages in her life which helps with her level of support and understanding of how challenging it can be with learning a new language.
Her lessons are relevant and does not feel school and textbook learning.  They are curated with a lot of thought and specific to the needs of her students.  I enjoyed learning about her travels and Spanish culture in addition to learning the language.
I recommend taking lessons with Laia.  She also uses technology that works to be an interactive experience!

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Hi! I’m Laia

I’m an online Spanish teacher and digital nomad from Barcelona, Spain. 

Since I discovered my passion for language teaching I haven’t stopped. Fast forward to today I’ve helped more than 30 people improve their Spanish.

Now I want to help you so you can have a great experience too. 

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