You want to improve your Spanish

  • Whether you’re studying on your own and need to practice conversation
  • Whether you’d like to have a tutor but have no time to go to a language school
  • Whether you want to learn online but don’t know where to start
  • Whether you’re bored and you look for a different learning experience

If you’re passionate about languages, if you’ve decided that this is the year to improve your Spanish, this is the place for you. 

My name is Laia and I would love to help you learn Spanish.

I’m an online Spanish teacher and digital nomad from Barcelona (Spain). Languages and travel are my two passions. 

To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world

Sobre mí - trabajando con el ordenador

I teach

I discovered my passion for teaching in 2016, and since then, I haven’t stopped.

I have helped more than 30 students improve their Spanish in private and group lessons, both live and online. 

We are all unique and learn in a different way, that is why I combine different kinds of material and customise the lessons to the preferences and needs of each student. I also believe in making language learning fun.

Laia is such a good, patient teacher. And best of all, she makes learning Spanish fun, with songs, games and casual conversation. She is happy to work with you on areas and concepts you want to learn.
I feel like I improved a lot more! I had taken Spanish previously 10 years ago but forgot most of it. Laia’s classes helped me relearn a lot of it. I am now able to read and understand basic sentences in Spanish.

Testimonial Anna



I have really enjoyed my time with Laia. I particularly appreciated how she tailored our sessions to exactly what I needed: tons of conversation with gentle corrections where necessary.
Laia is clearly incredibly intelligent, which means conversation is never dull as she always has somewhere interesting to lead you! She also speaks perfect English, so can provide a lost word, but she’ll never just allow you to get away with speaking English! Highly recommended.

Testimonial Cassie



Sobre mí - aprendiendo idiomas

I learn

If there is anything that I love more than teaching is learning, I’m constantly learning something new.

I speak four languages fluently and I’m studying two more (am I a little geek?).

  • Spanish and Catalan: native bilingual
  • English and French: advanced, fluent
  • Malay (my first Asian language): beginner
  • Russian (first language with a different alphabet): beginner

As a consequence, I know the challenges of acquiring a new language. Additionally, I’m testing myself different methods and tools so I can give better recommendations. 

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.

Sobre mí - viajando

I travel

I have always loved traveling and meeting people from all over the world.

This natural curiosity led me to live abroad for 10 years: 2 in Sweden (where I studied) and 8 in France (where I did a PhD and worked in the aeronautical industry).

I dreamt about long trips for a looong time, and I finally started in 2014. I started with a round the world trip for a year that took me to India, South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and South America. It was actually traveling in South America what inspired me to teach Spanish.

Ever since I completed the round the world trip I’ve been living as a digital nomad, that is, traveling and working at the same time. So far I’ve given lessons from Malaysia, Thailand, Servia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Armenia and other places around the world.

Why learning Spanish online with me?

  • My explanations are clear, and my lessons are fun and customized to the level and preferences of each student​
  • I speak 4 languages fluently and I’m studying two more, so I know the challenges of learning a new language​
  • I’m from Spain and I have traveled to South America. We can talk about travel tips and destinations while learning Spanish!​

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