12 games to learn Spanish verbs

  • These games will help you learn and practice Spanish verbs while having fun.
  • You can practice different skills: vocabulary, grammar, speaking, writing.
  • You can use and adapt these games to different levels, from beginners to upper intermediate (A1 to B2).
  • You can play alone or in a group.

The games and rules described here are only ideas. Feel free to create your own rules (and even your own games) to adapt this material to your level and practice needs.

The material includes cards with the most common verbs. The cards display the verb in English, the verb in Spanish, an image and examples of sentences to see the verb in context.

You don’t need to print and use all the verbs at once, choose the verbs you want to practice now.

The complete pack contains:

  • 100 cards with illustrated verbs – version A
  • 100 cards with illustrated verbs – version B
  • 1 ebook with the instructions of 12 games
  • 1 board

You can download a free sample which contains 20 cards (version A) and an ebook with 5 games.

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