My students say

Testimonial Emi

Emi, US

“I am so delighted to have received lessons from Laia.  I did not know any Spanish before starting lessons with her and now I feel like I have the right foundation!  Laia is kind, flexible, and attentive.  She has learned additional languages in her life which helps with her level of support and understanding of how challenging it can be with learning a new language.   Her lessons are relevant and does not feel school and textbook learning.  They are curated with a lot of thought and specific to the needs of her students. I enjoyed learning about her travels and Spanish culture in addition to learning the language.   I recommend taking lessons with Laia.  She also uses technology that works to be an interactive experience!”

“Laia’s classes are fun, especially the games. She always comes up with creative ways to keep me engaged and interested in her lessons. I mainly took on conversation classes with Laia as that one aspect of language learning that you can’t learn by yourself. To get better at speaking the language you have simply have to speak and Laia is an outstanding conversationalist. She finds a way to keep you talking without interrupting your flow while at the same pointing out your errors.
When I signed up for classes with Laia, I was already at a B1 level. With Laia’s help now I can comfortably say that I am somewhere between B2  and C1. When I went on a trip to Spain last year, I only spoke Spanish throughout trip and it was such a rewarding experience. I had no problems talking to the locals. That would not have been possible without Laia’s help.
I highly recommend Laia to both beginners and advance students.”

Testimonial Govinth





Govinth, Malaysia

The class is fun and that makes the learning more interesting and easy


Testimonial Anna

Anna, US

“Laia is such a good, patient teacher. And best of all, she makes learning Spanish fun, with songs, games and casual conversation. She is happy to work with you on areas and concepts you want to learn. I feel like I improved a lot more! I had taken Spanish previously 10 years ago but forgot most of it. Laia’s classes helped me relearn a lot of it. I am now able to read and understand basic sentences in Spanish.”

“Laia’s teaching method is very interactive and unique with full of audio visual sessions. She communicates well with the students and makes the classroom a great learning place with her wit and skill. After a few classes I feel I know a bit of Spanish and started conversing. What I liked the most was understanding the usage of verbs and grammar using different templates and homework. She makes learning Spanish very easy and quick.”

Testimonial Soubhagya
Soubhagya, India

Laia is a superfriendly teacher and I enjoyed the interaction of her lessons


Testimonial Josh





Josh, Malaysia

“Laia is an interesting and engaging teacher who knows how to make her lessons fun, enjoyable and interactive! I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested to learn Spanish! “

“Thanks a lot for what you taught me ! Your patience was really helpful and you explain very well, everything seemed easier that I expected ! Keep on doing good!”

Testimonial Latetitia

Laetitia, Switzerland

Testimonial Alia

Alia, Malaysia

“I used to think that I was bad at learning languages, especially Spanish, now I know the point is to find the right profesora and the right method. Laia keeps it simple and very understandable. Doesn’t make things complicated, straight to the point. Great profesora! “

Highly recommended for busy professional people who want to learn Spanish


Testimonial Cassie

Cassie, UK

“I have really enjoyed my time with Laia. I particularly appreciated how she tailored our sessions to exactly what I needed: tons of conversation with gentle corrections where necessary. Laia is clearly incredibly intelligent, which means conversation is never dull as she always has somewhere interesting to lead you! She also speaks perfect English, so can provide a lost word, but she’ll never just allow you to get away with speaking English! Highly recommended. “

“I started as a student with Laia to learn Spanish as a distraction to my routine office work. After having a few classes with Laia, learning Spanish was no more a diversion but a hobby to pursue seriously. Within a short span of 16 hours of classes I changed from someone who doesn’t know anything at all in Spanish to someone who can read and watch Spanish TV shows with little or no help with English sub-titles. She is a talented teacher who can ease Spanish into students in a fun and knowledgeable way. I thank her for that.”

Subash, India

Spanish made it easy


Kannitha, Australia

“I enjoyed the games the most, and the vocabulary that has been taught is very useful for travelling, so I can readily communicate when I visit Spanish speaking countries.”

“I love the games! I would recommend those who want to add Spanish into their daily speaking.”

Rosalind, Malaysia

Rohan, India

“Learning Spanish is my childhood wish and also it will make travel easy. Laia’s lessons are fun filled and there is enough space for people to talk. I could see the Spanish ascent of each of us.”

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