How to talk about the weather in Spanish

In this post I give you the vocabulary and expressions to talk about the weather in Spanish. At the end there is a free download: two infographics with all the information.

How to talk about the weather in Spanish?

This is a question I received a few months ago.

The expressions of weather in Spanish can be a bit confusing.

Let me explain. Let’s see how we say in Spanish that it’s night time, it’s sunny, it’s cold and it’s foggy.

  • It is night time >> Es de noche.
  • It is sunny >> Está soleado.
  • It is cold >> Hace frío. 
  • It is foggy >> Hay niebla.

While in English all these sentences are built using the verb to be, in Spanish we use four different verbs!

Expressions to talk about the weather

How do I know which verb I need to use? One of my students asked me.

I have created this infographics to help you learn the expressions of weather.

“Divide y vencerás”, which means “divide and rule”. Go one by one, step by step. Learn first the expressions with ES, then ESTÁ, then HACE and finally HAY.

There is a second infographics with all the nouns and verbs related to the weather.

Now you can talk about the weather in Spanish!

You can download the infographics in pdf here: